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Style isn’t just for the ladies, bro! If you’re wondering what it takes to make your look come together, follow these simple tips that will keep you looking good from head to toe.

Choose the Right Shoes

The shoes make the outfit! Put thought into choosing the right shoes with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to be bold, either. Choose a bright color or a design that sticks out. The right pair of shoes can help turn an outfit from boring to sharp right away. You can also use the shoes to help motivate the rest of your accessories. Red shoes can help you match with a red watch and/or belt.

Proper Grooming

Most women will tell you that their biggest turn off is men with bad hygiene. Make a point to shower every day and do your laundry! Feel free to brush your hair and even pluck your unibrow. It’s not unmanly to groom. Also, moisturize. Your skin is your largest organ, and people usually notice your skin first. Moisturize to keep your face looking fresh. You can be wearing the nicest outfit in the world, but if you have bad skin, the entire look is ruined. It’s ok to know about your skin as a guy. Learn about what types of skin you have and what will work the best for you. Start as soon as possible to help prevent wrinkles.

Utilize Color

Some men don’t want to use color. They think that they might not match properly or that it will be seen as feminine. Do not be afraid to use color! You can use brightly colored clothes or just a pop, but color will give you that little edge that you need to take you from a boring outfit to something stylish. And mixing and matching colors is fine! Experiment until you learn what combinations you like.


Too many men underestimate how much a smile contributes to looking good, but it’s important to look happy and confident in what you are wearing. Smiles make that happen almost instantly! Don’t be afraid to smile in pictures instead of the typical mysterious stare guys do. Smiling will also allow you to relax in your clothes, making you look more natural. Sometimes we all need a bit of help to make our smiles stand out, teeth whitening is a popular, easy, and relatively cheap option for upgrading smiles to the next level.

Get Regular Trims and Haircuts

Getting a haircut feels good. It also looks good, and it’s one of the better ways to treat yourself. But on top of looking and feeling good, there are some other things that can happen with a great haircut or outline that frames your face. The main things that pull a look together come from confidence. Ultimately, if you like what you’re wearing and how you put yourself together, you can’t go wrong. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT or WALK-IN anytime to our barber shop to get your haircut and look your best.

Written by Walker's Finest Barbershop