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What We Do

Come enjoy the relaxed atmosphere we’ve created in the shop to experience a refreshing cut,trim or shave from Ottawa’s top barbers.


  • Adult Haircut/Fade

    Precision cut and any style
  • Adult Haircut with Beard Trim

    Precision cut plus trim and style your facial hair. Includes a hot towel for a healthier-looking you
  • Youth Haircut

    Precision cut for youth ages 12-17
  • Kid’s Haircut

    Precision cut for junior gentlemen ages 11 and under
  • University/College Haircut

    Precision cut for our students ages 18+ with valid school id
  • University/College Haircut + Beard

    Precision cut + beard for our students ages 18+ with valid school id
  • Seniors Haircut

    Precision cut for senior gentlemen over 65.
  • Straight Razor Haircut

    Just like it sounds, for a more polished look
  • Straight Razor Haircut with Beard Trim

    Just like it sounds, for a more polished look + trim and style your facial hair
  • Military (Buzz) Haircut

    One blade, no fuss
  • Buzz Cut Only

    One blade, no fuss
  • Haircut (Long Hair)

  • Haircut (Long hair) + Beard



  • Outline/Shape-Up

    Clean up around the perimeter of hairline
  • Outline & Shave

    Trim and style your facial hair, outline perimeter of hairline with straight razor, hot towel
  • Sides-Only Cut with Beard Trim

    Trim or fade the sides only and leave the top also trim and style your facial hair
  • Beard Trim

    Trim and style your facial hair


  • Hair Design

  • Hair Designs

    Hair Designs
  • Hairline Blackout Enhancer

    Our Hair Blackout Enhancer adds a stronger definition, masks a receding hairline and a sharper edge to a haircut.
  • Beard Blackout Enhancer

    Let us fill in a patchy beard with our Beard Blackout Enhancer.
  • Head Top Blackout

    Let us fill in any head top bald patches with our Hair Blackout Enhancer.
  • Beard & Hairline Blackout

    A natural shine with the look of a fuller and more defined beard and hairline.
  • Full Hair Designs

    Full Hair Designs
  • Eyebrow Trim and Shaping

    A subtle fix for those few stray brows
  • Hair Wash

    (Add-on to Any Service)

Walker’s Finest Signature Packages



Treat yourself to one of our exclusive packages that offer everything you need to look and feel your finest.

  • Walker’s King Package
  • $100,00

    The Package Fit for Kings of All Ages
  • Start off with a wash that includes Shampoo and Conditioner before you kick back in a chair for a custom haircut of your choice. Enjoy a steamed towel with our line of premium hair and skincare products, then move onto a scalp/neck massage that finishes with styling of your hair.
  • Walker’s Finest Treatment
  • $135,00

    The Best of Everything We Have to Offer
  • Lay back for a premium hair wash with Shampoo and Conditioner. Next, a haircut of your choice is followed by a luxury hot shave performed with a straight razor.

    As we put one of our famous steamed towels featuring our line of world class hair and skincare products on you, you will receive a relaxing neck/scalp massage. Finished with a styling of choice and a complimentary gift before you leave our shop.